kPOP Dictionary

4D:4th Dimensional, someone who seems to be living in their own world (or dimension) and tends to act strange or weird.

5 Year Curse:a wide spread superstition that popular groups will face serious hardships or disbandment in their fifth year after debuting.

Aegyo: Cute actions, can be done by both girls and boys. It’s usually a body gesture or/paired with making your voice as cute as you can.

Aigoo: ‘Oh no!’ or ‘Oh dear!’ It’s mostly used by older Koreans though.

Ahjumma: an older female

Ahjusshi: an older male

Antis: people who aren’t fans and go out of their way to criticize and attack the artists they don’t like

Babo: fool

Bias: Who you like the most

Black Ocean: form of protest where people wear black or don’t use light sticks

Byungtae: pervert/perverted

Chingu: Friend

Chocolate Abs: Really defined abs.

Comeback:When an idol group comes out with a new song after a hiatus

Debut: When a new idol group comes out.

Eye Smile:When the eyes of a celebrity form the shape of a smile as they actually smile.

Fanchants: Chants fans say/scream out during live performances for support.

Fandom:fan club

FanWars: When fans of an idol group are fighting against fans of another idol group.

Flower Boy: A very attractive guy who has slightly feminine features

Hallyu Wave: The spread of Korean music outside of Korea

Hoobae: person who is your professional junior (Ex: 2NE1 is Big Bangs hoobae since 2NE1 debuted after Big Bang)

Honey Thighs: Girls with amazing ‘perfect’ thighs

Hwaiting/Fighting: It’s used kind of like a cheer for support and encouragement. It means “Good luck!”

Hyung: What a male calls an older male as respect.

Jjang!: The best

Kamsahamnida: Thank you

Maknae: the youngest member of the group

MV: music video

Netizens: members of the internet and forum communities

Noona: used by males to refer to older females/sisters

Oppa: brother/sweetie used by a woman for an older male

Sarang/Saranghae/Saranghaeyo: Love or I love you

Sasaengs/Sassaengs:crazy stalkers posing as fans

Selca:self taken picture

Stans:Fans who are loyal (sometimes overly so)

Sunbae:person who is your professional senior (Ex: Big Bang is 2NE1′s sunbae since Big Bang debuted before 2NE1)

Ulzzang:Best face

Unnie: term used by females to refer to older females/sisters




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