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Eddy Kim has done what not many artists have with his debut– he’s released not one, not two, but three music videos within a week of each other.  With the success of his debut album, The Manual, Eddy Kim has been one busy man, but he gracious enough to grant kPOPfix an exclusive interview. Read on to find out what this modern-day troubadour has to say about his musical influences, future endeavors and what three words he thinks describes himself.

What inspired you to become a musician?
I’ve started music by learning the violin as a hobby when I was six years old. After I’ve become middle school student, I’ve participated choir contest as a solo vocal and I felt so much joy of being on a stage. Since than, I wanted to be a musician.

Is there a certain process in which you come up with a song? Music first, then lyrics or lyrics first?
When I write a song, I just follow my instinct. I use guitar, piano, midi program to compose. Each different ways of compose help me to produce various music. when it comes to lyrics, I usually write lyrics and melody at the same time because in that way, I could find the best words for specific parts that is perfectly suitable within the melody.
How did you come up with the concept of “The Manual”?
at the first, I tried to make a general guide for guys to catch girl’s mind. However, after I came up with several lines of lyrics, I realized that it would be really sweet and touching especially for female listeners, so I started to think more about what girl would like to hear from a guy who fell in love with her. I suggest what ordinary girls might want to receive in lyrics. The way of speaking in lyric is unique too. I wrote in tone of command just like the guide book. Girls must love it if guys follow all the commands in lyrics although even I think it’s almost impossible to do all of that.

What is your favorite song off of your album and why?

Since they’re all my songs, it’s hard to pick one song but I’d choose ‘2 years apart’. This song is the most meaningful in the album. It’s my first original song that is known by people through the audition program ‘superstarK’. The lyrics truly express how I felt about love when I was servicing the military duty for 2 years. Whoever has gone for or already finished the duty would feel sympathy about the concept of being a soldier who should live in districted area missing lovers.

Now that you’ve released the Manual, what do you plan on doing?
I’m going to work hard in various fields like radio, concert, TV and any media that helps to let people know my music. as a debut singer, there are many things I have to learn by working in the field.

  Do you see any similarities /differences between Korean music and American music?
Similar musics are exist but what the listeners want is really different in Korea and America. Korean listeners like beautiful melody with explosive voice and also really sensitive in lyrics. On the other hand, American listeners are more into the sound itself. The quality of the beat and sound is really high and their music is preceding.

Do you have any future plans for touring? Outside of Korea?
If I have a chance, Yes. All possibilities are open in future and Mystic89 artists are preparing for it, for example, I, Lin Kim and Jane Jang are learning Japanese. Performing outside of Korea is really exiting just the thought of it.

Which artist, Korean or International, would you most like to work with?
Now, I want to concentrate working with Korean market. K-pop is getting recognition globally in nowadays so I would like to become one of artists that participates getting K-POP to be more world-wide.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
super cool musician

What would you like to say to your international fans?
Thank you for the support and I will always write and sing all my best so that I could visit all of your countries and perform. Love you all. Thank you again.









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